Urnex Grindz Professional Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets

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Main Features:

  • Effectively cleans grinders without disassembling burrs or casings

  • Removes coffee residue and oils in standalone coffee grinders; not for super automatic espresso machines

  • Patented, all-natural, food safe and gluten free tablet absorbs and loosens coffee grounds

  •  Ideal for use to prevent flavor transfer when switching between regular, decaffeinated and flavored coffee beans

  • Use regularly to ensure proper hygiene and to maintain consistent grinder performance



  • The first ever cleaner for coffee grinders, Grindz is made of grains & cereals and comes in coffee bean shaped tablets.  All natural and completely safe, this product gently dislodges coffee particles while absorbing coffee oil residue, when ground through your grinder.  Grindz clears the internal burrs and casings of coffee grinders.
  • A grinder is an essential tool that helps to deliver a fresh and delicious cup of coffee. But the presence of coffee bean particles and the build-up of coffee oils can lead to decreased performance and bitter tasting coffee.
  • Cleaning a grinder poses a challenge because burrs or electric motors will be damaged if they come into contact with water. In addition, disassembling a grinder can be daunting task due to the presence of many small parts and electrical components. Fortunately, Grindz is an easy and effective solution to these challenges.
  • Grindz is only for use in standalone grinders and should not be used with grinders that are integrated into Automatic Espresso or Coffee Machines.