Hario V60 Power Kettle Buono with Temperature adjustment

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1 -Heat your water to any specific temperature between 60 and 96℃ with our Temperature Selection mode.

2-With our Temperature Selection mode, your water can be kept at your chosen temperature for 15 minutes.

3-Heat your water to a boil with our Boil mode.

4-The long and slim gooseneck spout allows a precise pour for your drip coffee

5-The handle is easy to hold.

6-The cord is attached only to the base, so the cordless kettle can be picked up from any angle.

7-The cord can be stored within the base.



SIZE W300 × D190 × H185mm  
CAPACITY Practical capacity 800ml  
Knob of lid, Handle, Power supply plate : Polypropylene
Lid, Kettle body barrel : Stainless steel