Hario Mini Drip Kettle 300ml

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Mini Drip Kettle

The mini drip kettle is the size of the palm of a hand ? just what the barista ordered.

To brew delicious coffee

The narrow spout of the kettle allows water to drip through little by little, enabling easy control of water and tasty coffee brewing.

One cup is dripped with ease.

The compact dripper with practical capacity of 300ml allows you to drip coffee casually. Paired with drip bags, it makes a good gift.

The nozzle shape allows for easy control.

The nozzle, shaped as directed by the barista, has a long straight line and a moderate curve toward the spout, allowing one to control water with a slight tilt.


Photo of Mini Drip Kettle・KASUYA Model
ITEM NAME Mini Drip Kettle・KASUYA Model
SIZE W165 × D90 × H100 × Φ70mm
CAPACITY Practical capacity 300ml
MATERIAL Stainless steel
For hot water. Do not expose to Direct flame. Incompatible with IH Cooking Heater.