Cafec Otemae Coffee Set

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OTEMAE, also known as "Tea Manner" in Japanese culture, refers to the series of performances in a Japanese tea ceremony. Even if it is only one cup, we want the guest to enjoy as much as possible. That is why CAFEC puts its heart into all the preparations, movements and presentations of the "OTEMAE".

To maintain the lively taste characteristics of specialty coffee, simply add a small amount of air. To accentuate the mellowness, you need to whisk well. By adding air, the temperature of the coffee can be adjusted to an appropriate temperature that is not too hot. *It is said that if you add 30°C to the temperature of the human body, this is the optimal temperature to feel the delight.

The cup is made of "Mino-ware" ceramics manufactured in Gifu, Japan which allows you to enjoy an aromatic experience thanks to the shape of a wine glass. The absence of a handle allows the cup to be wrapped in the hand and the temperature to be tasted directly.